Comprehensive Guide: How to Recover Your Unique Key in Chile (2023)

In the realm of digital identity, the Unique Key, or "Clave Única," is a cornerstone created by the Chilean government to facilitate online transactions related to the State. Understanding the process of recovering your Clave Única is paramount. Here's a straightforward guide to help you regain access effortlessly.

Steps to Recover Your Clave Única Online

  1. Access the Clave Única Website:

    • Visit the official Clave Única website.
    • Locate and click on the "Recupera" (Recover) button at the top.
  2. Enter Your RUN:

    • Input your Rol Único Nacional (RUN).
    • Verify your identity as a non-robot.
  3. Initiate the Recovery Process:

    • Click "Continuar" after entering your RUN.
    • Choose "Solicitar Recuperación de la Clave Única a través de correo electrónico."
  4. Check Your Email:

    • Access your email.
    • Retrieve the activation code from the received email.
  5. Finalize the Process:

    • Return to the Clave Única page.
    • Paste the code and follow the prompts.
    • Create a new password and save changes.

In-Person Recovery Options

If online recovery is not feasible, consider the following alternatives:

  1. Visit a Registry Office:

    • Personally visit a Registro Civil office.
    • Provide your ID and email address.
    • Receive a certificate with the activation code.
  2. Utilize Auto-Service Totems:

    • Locate Civil Digital auto-service totems.
    • Recover Clave Única and request other certificates.

Recovery Without Email Access

If email access is lost, follow these steps:

  1. New Enrollment:
    • Enroll again and request a new activation code.
    • Follow the steps outlined for online recovery.

Obtaining Clave Única for the First Time

To acquire your Clave Única for the first time:

  1. Online Procedure:

    • Visit the Registro Civil website.
    • Navigate to "Clave Única" and initiate the process.
  2. Four-Step Process:

    • Provide necessary information.
    • Schedule a video conference.
    • Receive confirmation and attend the conference.
    • Obtain the activation code.
  3. Activate Your Clave Única:

    • Use the received code to activate your Clave Única.

Clave Única Activation Process

  1. Received Code:

    • Upon successful application, receive an email with the activation code.
    • Click on the "Activate Clave Única" button in the email.
  2. Enter Information:

    • Input your RUN and activation code.
    • Accept terms and conditions.
  3. Set Password:

    • Create a unique password.
    • Provide contact details for recovery.
  4. Finalize Activation:

    • Confirm password and contact information.
    • Click "Activate."

Updating Your Clave Única

If prompted to update or for personal preference:

  1. Choose Update Method:

    • Opt for email or SMS for the update code.
    • Check inbox or follow the provided link.
  2. Enter Information:

    • Input RUN and update code.
    • Accept terms and conditions.
  3. Set New Password:

    • Define and confirm a new password.

What is Clave Única?

Clave Única serves as a digital identity card, facilitating over 360 government transactions across 80+ institutions. Some notable institutions include the Dirección General de Movilización Nacional, Municipalidad de Valdivia, and the Superintendencia de Insolvencia y Reemprendimiento.

Contacting Registro Civil de Chile

For further inquiries:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 600 360 3303
  • Call Center: 600 370 2000
  • Social Media:

This comprehensive guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of recovering and managing your Clave Única. If you found this information helpful, explore more related articles on for additional insights.


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